The FREEDOM MINDSET : 45 minutes to Activate your 3 Powerful Brain Tracks, with Maryam - LOE (Living On Energy)

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£27 £0
LOE - Living On Energy

Activate your 3 Powerful Brain tracks for Massive Health, Prosperity, Accomplishments

In this 45 minute video session with Maryam,

You will discover :

  1. The Number 1 Brain track to activate to achieve anything and become 'Limitless'

  2. The Number 2 Brain track to activate to become super intelligent & completely 'Resource-full'

  3. The Number 3 Brain track to activate to Master anything with no more Action on your side (which is the opposite of the brain track n°2 !)

You will also experience :

3 guided sessions to activate your 3 powerful brain tracks :

  1. The visualization to activate the 'Limitless' pathway

  2. The visualization to activate the 'Resource-full' pathway

  3. The meditation to raise your vibration to the level of highest achievement with no more physical action

You get access to :

  1. The video session where Maryam explains and shows how to fully activate your 3 Powerful brain tracks, step by step, with examples of real life scenarios + 3 activating guided sessions guided by Maryam directly

  2. The Activation Guide with the written step by step full process (pdf version) that you can print and look at, anytime, anywhere.

  3. You can ask questions by email :)

The Creator :

  • I am Maryam

  • French Reunionnaise and Indian

  • Fasting since 2002 (1st time)

  • Dancing since 1995

  • Digital Nomad entrepreneur since 2011

  • Meditating since 2012

  • Mum since 2021

Love & Gratitude,

Maryam - Living On Energy

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