FINALLY FOUND (Video Creation by Maryam)

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FEATURING 21 participants (doctors, scientists, media personalities, pranic people, entrepreneurs) :

1. The Doctor Edith Ubuntu Chan (Holistic Doctor, Creator of SuperWellness™),

2. The Doctor Sudhir V. Shah (Director of Neurosciences at Sterling Hospital, India),

3. The Doctor Tal Schaller (Shaman & Holistic Doctor),

4. The Doctor in Neurophysics & Prolonged Fasting Expert Pascal Martelli,

5. The Doctor in Physics Konstantin Korotkov (Biotechnology, Biowell, Technology based on the Kirlian effect),

6. The Doctor in molecular biology Daniel Astinotti (Heart Breath Foundation),

7. The Model, Medium and vegetarian musician, also known as "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova (Amatue 21),

8. The Certified Health Coach, Raw Vegan expert and Founder of the Health & Wellness Community Raw Alignment, Alyse Brautigam (Youtube channel : Raw Alignment),

9. The Qi Gong Master & Prolonged Fasting Expert Elitom El-Amin,

10. The International Lecturer, Author & Prolonged Fasting Expert Jasmuheen (Founder of the Embassy of Peace),

11. The Life Coach & Entrepreneur Natasha Maile (Youtube channel Spiritual Tasha Mama),

12. The Spiritual Guide & Channel Lincoln Gergar (Youtube channel Higher Self channel),

13. The Quantum Therapist Mesnet Josephau Charrier (Youtube channel Quantum TV Mesnet),

14. The Reconnective Healing practitionner & Prolonged Fasting Expert Natanja Richter,

15. The 16 year-old Yoga teacher, Author & Entrepreneur Shanahan Guggenheim,

16. The Self taught Make-up artist & Media Personality Kayla Jenkins (Youtube channel Okaylaaa),

17. The Yoga Teacher, Vegan Activist & Prolonged Fasting Expert Oberom,

18. The International Lecturer & Prolonged Fasting Expert Akahi Ricardo Salas (Creator of the 8 Day Pranic Process),

19. The Founder of the Pranic Woman Program & Prolonged Fasting Expert Camila Castillo,

20. The Spiritual Mentor & Prolonged Fasting Expert Ray Maor (Creator of the 10 Day Pranic Process),

21. The Master of Martial Arts & Prolonged Fasting Expert Kay Hougaard (Founder of the Health Care Center).

Created by Maryam, working in the field of health since 2011, also collaborating with over 50 scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and media personalities worldwide.

Through her work, Maryam passionately shares the Science of Rejuvenation & Longevity, allowing people to experience in their life and career : Greater health, happiness, self-realization.


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FINALLY FOUND (Video Creation by Maryam)

4 ratings